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Electronic Key Management Systems: Common Misconceptions — Part 3

In part 2 of this series, we established that using an electronic key control system doesn't have to be complicated.

But for some, just the possibility of data loss seems to outweigh the benefits key systems provide. A common fear people hold is that the loss of this valuable data is inevitable. Read on to see how you can ease this fear.

Misconception #3: Data Loss Is Completely Beyond Your Control

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas, 93 percent of businesses that suffer a catastrophic data loss do not survive. To prevent this outcome, there are several preventative measures your business can take to protect your data starting with a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

Disaster Recovery Strategy
When incorporating an electronic key management system into your infrastructure, make provisions in your DR plan for backing up and storing transaction data. Document these procedures so employees know the correct process to follow.

Daily Backups
As soon as you begin using your electronic key control system, set your system to automatically store backup data on a CD-RW or USB flash drive at the end of each day and print and file reports showing current inventory and checked out keys. You should also use an uninterruptible power supply so that in the event of a power outage you can run a manual backup.

Data Storage
The timeless advice "never put all your eggs in one basket" should be applied to your data storage strategy. Store copies of your data off-site so even if your facility is destroyed by either a natural or man-made disaster, you can access your information.

Electronic key control systems are efficient, easy to use and have manageable data recovery solutions, but is the up-front cost really worth it? Check out part 4 of our series to find out.

Check Out Part 4 of Our Series