Don't Leave Your Key Control to Luck!

We know St. Patrick's Day can make people feel lucky, but when it comes to key control it's dangerous to rely on luck.

If you're still using traditional key control methods (e.g., lockboxes, wooden cabinets, pegboards) it's time to take control of your key security. Here are a few tips to help you create good fortune with key control.

Trust Technology

Sometimes it's tough to change your old ways, especially if you feel it's going to be a hassle to learn something new. With key control, the learning curve is worth your time. Simple, manual key control processes seem the most efficient because they're easy, and your employees just have to quickly grab the key they need. Unfortunately if it's that easy for employees who need keys to obtain them, your keys are left vulnerable to people who shouldn't have access to them.
Electronic key control systems can be just as user friendly but provide a higher level of security. An electronic system will lock down and only open for authorized users, which significantly reduces the chance of theft. In addition, it keeps an automatic record each time an employee takes a key, so you'll know exactly who has checked-out keys.

Create Varying Levels of Access

If you've followed our first tip, congratulations on your new electronic key control system! Now it's time to set things up. You can create different access levels for employees, managers and owners, narrowing the amount of keys that your employees have access to. If an employee is only allowed access to certain keys, they won't be able to take a manager- or owner-level key. This will help ensure that employees don't end up with high-security keys.

Regularly Check Reports

Electronic key control systems create different reports based on the information available. You can see a report of every key that was checked out, specify an employee and see what keys they've checked out and many more.
With access to reports that are this detailed, you need to regularly check on them to keep up with your key security. Rather than catching up after a month, consider reviewing them at least once a week (depending on how many transactions you normally have). This will save you time and ultimately tighten your key security.
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