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Customer Tip: Use the Mobile App’s Key Queue to Be More Productive

Customer Tip: Use the Mobile App’s Key Queue to Be More Productive

To help you save time, KeyTrak Edge systems offer a key queue functionality, allowing you to save keys for later and avoid multiple trips to the system. But did you know you can manage your key queue in the mobile app to be even more productive?* Here’s how.

Key Queue Productivity Tips

The biggest benefit of using the mobile app’s key queue functionality is you can manage keys from anywhere. Use these three tips to save valuable time throughout your workday:

  • Add Keys as You Go: As you encounter keys you need, add them to your queue in the app for easy retrieval later.

  • Plan Your Workflows: Before tackling a specific task or project, identify all the keys you’ll need and add them to your queue.

  • Check Out Multiple Keys at Once: Once you’ve added keys to your queue, check them out with a single QR code scan.

By using the mobile app’s key queue, you’ll simplify your routine and spend less time checking keys in and out.

How to Use the Key Queue in the Mobile App


1. Add Keys to Your Queue 

  • Open the app and select the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Type the name of the key or asset you need in the search bar.
  • Once you've found the key you need, tap the plus icon next to it to add it to your queue. You can select multiple keys at once by tapping on each one.

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2. Select Keys to Check Out


  • Tap the list icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to view your key queue.
  • Select the keys you need by clicking on the check mark. You can remove keys from the queue by tapping the minus icon next to them.
  • Once you've confirmed your key selection, tap the "Get Keys" button at the bottom of the screen. This will generate a QR code on your device.

Mobile App Key Queue Image 2-1

3. Use the QR Code to Retrieve Keys

  • Proceed to the KeyTrak system.
  • Point the QR code toward the QR code scanner.
  • After scanning the code, the system will open the drawer(s) with the keys you selected.

Mobile App Key Queue Image 3

By incorporating these steps into your routine, you can quickly and easily find, select, and check out the keys you need while on the go. You’ll cut down on trips to the system, saving you time and improving your overall workflow.

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* To use these features, your system must have an active mobile app license and QR code scanner.