What Do 2014 Dealership Vehicle Thefts Reveal About Key Control?

January 27, 2015
The results of an informal study of the role key control plays in dealership theft.

$225,000 Cash Stolen From Police Property Room

November 24, 2014
Better security measures could have helped prevent a high-dollar theft.

Theft of Unattended Master Keys Disrupts Hotels

September 3, 2014
The theft of three unattended hotel master keys demonstrates the need for secure key control systems that increase employee accountability.

Three Ways to Keep Summer Employees From Robbing You Blind

June 18, 2014
KeyTrak gives employers some tips on how to prevent theft this summer.

Public Sector Key Control: Benefits of Built-in Security Cameras

June 10, 2014
See how a key control system with a built-in security camera enhances key control for public sector organizations.


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