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Customer Tip: How to Add and Delete KeyTrak Users

In its 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon reported that 82% of breaches involved the human element, and 18% of breaches involved internal actors. Considering that access control and identification are two of the four layers vital to physical security, it’s important to manage who can access your KeyTrak system.

Graphic showing statistics from data breaches involving the human element

To add and delete users, your system administrator should follow the steps below. (If you’re not sure how to designate a system administrator, read this post.)

Adding Users

When adding a new user, follow the principle of least privilege. In other words, a user should have the minimum level of access privileges required to do their jobs.

To add a new user to your KeyTrak system:

  1. Navigate to "Data Maintenance".
  2. Select "Users".
  3. Click "Add".
  4. Create a user ID and password. You may also add up to two fingerprints and/or a fob for user authentication. Some of the most secure combinations are fingerprint and password (most secure), fingerprint and fob, or fob and password.
To make setting up new users more efficient, establish user profiles for specific job types. KeyTrak user profiles can control system access, asset access, power access, checkout reasons and login options. For example, only management should have authorization to power off the KeyTrak system or access drawers with spare keys in them. To control profile settings, login options and other user settings, choose the "Profiles" option in the Administration menu. For guidance on setting access levels for each position, contact KeyTrak support.
Deleting Users

When an employee or contractor ends their employment with your organization, it’s critical that you revoke their access privileges immediately. If you don’t, employees could use their knowledge of your organization’s access control procedures to steal data, keys or money. 

To remove a user from your KeyTrak system:

  1. Navigate to "Data Maintenance".
  2. Select "Users".
  3. Click "Delete".
  4. Click the trash icon.
  5. Click "Confirm".
By staying on top of adding and removing users from your KeyTrak system, you’ll improve your physical security and reduce the odds of becoming one of the 18% of organizations whose employees caused a breach.
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