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Customer Tip: Onboard Employees to KeyTrak Remotely

Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, remote work seemed like an option for only certain types of employees.

Working from home full-time has become a reality for more than half of the American workforce since March 2020. Some employers have found success in this transition, but over 70 percent of employers have expressed difficulty in the adjustment.

In an economy with more than 3 million layoffs, many people have had to find new jobs, and many of these new positions are remote for the time being. Not only do new hires have to get to know their new coworkers through a screen, but they also have to remotely learn security policies and practices. As employees eventually make their way back into office settings, maintaining strong key control practices is of utmost importance.

To avoid dilemmas when remotely onboarding, there are a few ways your company can be a step ahead of the game. Here’s how you can introduce new associates to your KeyTrak system remotely.

Add Users to the System

KeyTrak’s remote access software allows users to be added to the system via any computer that’s connected to the same network. If a new employee will need access to the KeyTrak system, an administrator who is in the building should go ahead and set up a user profile. If you use a fingerprint, fob, or card reader with your system, you may also add additional methods of user authentication following the transition back to the company location.

In order to make this setup process more efficient, you can create profile types to give the same access level to specific job roles. For example, only management positions should be allowed to access drawers with spare keys. This also ensures that matching profiles have consistent access and login options.

Document Your Policies

Security policies must not be taken lightly when onboarding a new hire. By documenting your policies and procedures, new employees can reference concrete rules. An effective way to establish an understanding of your policies is to have the new employee review your policies and then be assessed on their knowledge. This can come in the form of a quiz with a minimum passing grade requirement.

If your policies aren’t currently documented, consider that any gray area surrounding safety and security procedures poses a risk to your company. By highlighting the importance of certain policies, like access control, your new hire will gain an appreciation for their individual duties.

Set up Live Video Training

A major complaint of remote onboarding is the lack of personal interaction. People don’t want to just read things the entire time, and can feel stuck when they have a question that goes unanswered.

To avoid this issue, a convenient solution to familiarize your new associate with KeyTrak is to use KeyTrak Live, our customized live video training program (available at no extra cost if you’re covered by an active maintenance agreement). Consultants analyze your company’s use of the system and then craft a unique presentation, making training effective and easy.

New employees can learn the details of your system directly from a KeyTrak consultant. While KeyTrak Live is great for familiarizing new hires, it also ensures that you’re using your KeyTrak system to its full potential.

There are enough hoops to jump through when onboarding new employees, especially in a remote setting. Key security doesn’t need to be a difficult one. By adding new users in advance, educating them on your policies, and integrating them into the system, you can be sure that they’ll be right on track when you’re back at the office.


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