Is Your Key Control Ready for Flu Season?

January 7, 2020
Avoid interruptions in key control processes this flu season by disinfecting keys and equipment and planning for unexpected employee absences.

How to Make Your Security Measures More Effective

November 20, 2019
Is your facility security falling short when it comes to holding employees accountable?

Don’t Let Employee Turnover Sabotage Your Key Control

November 5, 2019
Employee turnover leaves holes in your key control. Learn what to do to secure your keys when your employees leave.

Customer Tip: Don’t Forget About Spare Keys

October 1, 2019
Managing spare keys in your KeyTrak system helps mitigate your facility's risk.

Five Tips for Training Millennials on New Technology

September 3, 2019
Training millennials can be tricky when implementing new technologies. Learn how to keep millennials engaged with effective training.


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