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Electronic Key Control: Three Things You Need to Do Before the Holidays

The holidays are coming up, and chances are, you and many of your associates are looking forward to long vacations and time with friends and family.

Before you leave, though, it’s important to make sure that your key control policies don’t go on vacation when you do. Here are our top three tips for making sure your electronic key control system does its job while you’re off the clock.

Review Access Levels

Before you leave, review user access levels to make sure any employees who are working through the holidays are authorized to check out the keys they need. Restrict access to keys they will not use in the course of their job responsibilities. If you anticipate users needing access to high-security assets or areas, such as vehicles or rooms containing expensive equipment, make sure an on-site manager or associate with the appropriate access levels is available to assist with these transactions. Do not relax security requirements for the sake of convenience.

Make Sure Alerts Are Set Up

You should always take advantage of email and text alerts for overdue keys and unauthorized transactions, but alerts are especially important if management personnel and/or system administrators are going to be out of the office for the holidays. In the event that a security breach occurs while key personnel are away, they need to know so they can take immediate action. (If you have a KeyTrak system, check out our three-step guide to setting up text alerts.)

Collect Unreturned Keys

Review the key log to determine which users still have keys checked out. If any of those employees will be taking vacation, ensure that they return the keys in their possession before they leave.

Take these precautions now and rest assured that you have taken the proper steps to keep your keys and assets safe while you’re enjoying your vacation.